First Day Guide

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Hello, and welcome to Miner's Glory. It is your first day alive on this beautiful realm. A bit overwhelming, isn't it? Don't worry!

Are you thinking to yourself, “where do I even start”? Don't panic! I am here to be your guide and teacher within this wonderful realm and all that it holds for you. Here are some of the things you should know before making your way into your new life!

Miner's Glory is a server unlike any other, it's focus is to be as immersive as possible. That means the entire infrastructure is based on “you” the new resident.

If you want to train your character in a specific skill, go for it, for example; you can become a blacksmith if that is what you fancy based on skill training and the jobs system. Currency is also one of the many things offered and allows you to put monetary value on your many items, we use a currency we call “coins”, although this may change at a later date.

This brings us to the server's economy, which is completely player based and ran. For example, want to sell a piece of coal for $600? Go right ahead, though I can't guarantee someone will buy it. More on economy related stuff can be found here.

Okay, so next up on the list is, Jobs. Jobs are your primary source of income, well at least when you start off here in the server. Later on, you may prosper as a business owner, goods trader, you get the point. Anyway, oh yes, we were talking about jobs! Some basic jobs I would suggest to start out with are; the lumberjack, farmer, miner, or hunter which you can pretty much already guess what the responsibilities are to each job are based on their names. There are many more jobs to choose from that you will find out about later.

Each of these jobs will give you a small amount of currency when you do things that pertain to it. Example: As a miner, every time you collect coal from the ground you'll get 1.28 currency. Farmer's get currency when they harvest their crops, and hunters get their's by hunting either animals or mobs. Unfortunately, you are currently only able to hold two jobs at one time. But fear not, for your not stuck with them forever as you can leave and go do a different task at any time! And you also get to keep the proficiency's you've gained. So don't forget to set your Jobs!

Last up for things you should know on your first day are claims, some people may already know what these are but for those who don't. In Miner's Glory when you begin building your base you can actually lay a claim on that little piece of land [250 claim blocks], and no one but you can do anything with that land~ Now, some may be wondering why so few [it actually is quite large], and that reason is because there is a reward for continuous playing on our humble server. As for every single hour that you play you gain an extra 100 blocks that can be added onto your claim or be set as a different claim. How do you claim a hunk of dirt? It's quite easy, when you get whitelisted for the server all you have to type is /kit claim and boom, you've got yourself a claim survey stick and a golden shovel used to set claims.

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