Land Claiming

Here at Miner's Glory, we offer land claiming tools free of charge for all players of the server through a few basic tools and commands that we will cover below. There are also more than one way to protect land on our server, depending on the project of focus.

Claims can be creating in the following worlds: Overworld, Exploration, Moon

Player Claims are a tool that allow you to prevent griefing and theft by protecting your property. Claiming blocks not only allow you to prevent other players from building/breaking blocks in your claims, they also allow you to lock chests, preventing other players from taking your hard earned loot.

Player based claims span from 0-256 (Y axis) height.

Step 1. Get your claim tools using /kit claim

Step 2. Right click holding your claim tool (golden shovel) on the corner of land you wish to claim. The topmost block will appear as a diamond block when a spot is chosen

Step 3. Go to the opposite corner of the land you wish to claim (still holding out the claim tool) and right click it.

Step 4. You're done! The area that you've claimed will be highlighted with glowstone and gold blocks.

(Optional) Step 5. If you wish to let anyone else edit the land on under your claim, simply use the command /trust <playername>

So you've outgrown your land and you wish to manifest destiny yourself more land!

This is a simple procedure, you simply select the corner that you wish to expand with the claim tool (you can check claims with the claim checker tool) and then select the area you wish to add-on to your claim. (This simply adds onto the claim, all previous trusts still apply)


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