Here at Miner's Glory, we offer you the opportunity to have your own pet who'll travel and fight with you!

Step 1. Find the Mob that you want

The first and most important step to getting a pet is finding the one you want. Almost every mob is tameable, with the exception of shulkers. A list of pets and what they eat can be found here

Step 2. Meeting the Requirements

On Miner's Glory, getting a pet is fairly simple!

Firstly, you must craft a lead:

Your only requirement is to punch a mob with a lead! That's it! You'll get a message in your chat, saying “You've tamed a pet! It will be a good pet.” They are now bound to you, and will respawn when they die.

This is the most important part! The plugin has many commands, all of which are very important to know to use your new pal to their fullest potential!

Syntax: /petinfo [username]

Use: Shows the following info about your or another persons pet

  • Hitpoints (How much life the pet has)
  • Experience (Current Level and XP to next level)
  • Damage (Amount of damage the pet does)
  • Owner (only if the pet isn't yours)
  • Skilltree

Aliases: /pinfo

Syntax: /petname <pet_name_here>

Use: Let's you change the name of your pet

Syntax: /petrelease [pet-name]

Use: Releases your pet from your control

Use: teleports your pet to you

Aliases: /pc, /petc

Use: sends your current pet away, can still be called with /petcall

Aliases: /petsa, /psa




Use: let's you switch which pet is following you

Aliases: /pswitch

Use: Stores your active pet. Stored pets can be called back with /petswitch

Aliases: /pstore, /pst

Use: shows you info about the skill of your pets

Use: orders your pet to stop attacking its target. This does not work in farmoraggressive behaviors.

Aliases: /pets, /ps

Use: shows all available skilltrees and let's you choose one for your pet

Inventory pop up}} Aliases: /petcst, /pcst

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