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-====== ​    Welcome to the Miner'​s Glory Wiki     ======+====== ​Guidebook ​======
-==   ​==+---- 
 +Good day! 
 +Welcome to the Miner'​s Glory guidebook. Here, you can find information and help guides for just about anything Miner'​s Glory related. 
 +Since we run wiki software to power this portion of the website, this means that anyone has the freedom to contribute to the guidebook as long as they have a Miner'​s Glory account. Articles here are created from our players themselves as well as our staff team. 
 +==== Contributing ​====
 ---- ----
 +In order to contribute to the Miner'​s Glory Wiki, first you must [[https://​​register|register for a Miner'​s Glory account]] if you have not already. Secondly, you must sign in to the wiki with your Minecraft username and password that you set when you registered an account on our main website.
 +//Unsure of where to start? Find articles that are in need of creation on the [[https://​​todo_list|to-do list]].//
 +=== General Guidelines ===
 +  * Always check over your draft for grammatical errors before publishing.
 +  * Format your articles with the visual editor/​source editor in order to make them visually appealing.
 +  * Only create content relating to Miner'​s Glory and it's services.
 +=== Rules ===
 +  * Do not make bogus pages that have no relation to the Miner'​s Glory community.
 +  * Do not use profanity.
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